Adventure Activities & Excursions around Corbett National Park

Options abound around the corett wilds should you decide to stretch your legs - Go for nature walks on the garjia-dhikala Road OR on Bijrani Road, Trek into the forest across river kosi, visit the local village to share the simple joys of the native folk, Walk to the Kosi river side with a packed picnic lunch or just dip your feet in the pond in the Camp.

Adventure activities
Trails & treks

The Safari is the main stay of the Corbett experience but there are many other attractions around the place - the Sitabani Ashram in the virgin forest area, the Corbett Museum which houses memorabilia of the legendary Jim Corbett, the Garjia temple by the river, the Kaladungi falls and many more.

Longer drives would get you to the Lake District of Nainital and Or Queen of hills like Ranikhet, Almora and Kausani. Nainital is just an hour and half away from Retreat and can be looked as a day trip. Ranikhet with its awesome views of the snow capped Himalayas is three hours away. No where else would one get to experience the mysterious Forest, the tranquil lakes and the majestic Himalayas in one vacation - all just a couple of hours away.


River Rafting : River rafting trips run through some of the most beautiful terrains that the Himalayas have to offer - from sandy white beaches, boulder-studded rapids, confluences of rivers, deep gorges and some of the most revered Indian temple towns. Whitewater rafting is a sport almost everyone, of any age, can enjoy. With expert guides and up-to-date equipment, it's quick and easy to learn the few rules that keep you safe, river-smart and ready for a "wild ride" of your own.
Angling : The Angling Experience is not about someone sitting by your shoulder telling you what to do. It is ALL to do with a very enjoyable weekend of fishing, shared with new and old friends on Ramganga River.
Back Packing : The scale of the Himalayas makes them the ultimate backpacking destination in the world. Nowhere else is such exalted beauty matched with such overwhelming remoteness.
Mountain Biking : Mountain Biking is not about being easy. The head is the strength of a biker. A biker with good head and weak legs has a better chance to win than the opposite. A good head is often question of concentration, and when you are concentrated you don't feel pain so much. Here bicycles are outsource ( subject to availability) and an accompanying guide takes you through the forest trail and the village trail in the Sitavani reserve forest area.
Parasailing : Parasailing is a popular sport in which the rider hitched to a parachute like canopy, known as a Parasail, is set aloft in the air. The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along, by a speeding form of transportation.
Rock Climbing : Up is never easy. But you face the rock. You let every finger and all your toes help find the way. Feel every muscle quake and quiver in battle with gravity. Find faith in ropes, in teammates, in yourself. There’s no time for distraction, no room for your mind to wander. It’s you and a route. In rappelling one comes down the rocks, again with the help of ropes and karabiners. These are very good activities to help overcome height phobias. Come conquer the ROCK !

Abseiling/Slithering: In this activity, one wears a harness and slides from a bridge with a help of a rope into the river.
River Crossing & Traversing: Here, a rope is tied from one end of the river to the other and one crosses the river while hanging on to the rope. From the other set of parallel ropes, one comes back (traversing) standing on one rope and holding on to the other rope.


The area around the Camp is the nature lover's ultimate reward - wild and dense, the forest treks start from right outside Corbett Wild. The natural and man-made trails will take you as deep inside as you may dare to go.
Tumeria Dam : 45 minutes drive from corbett wilds lies the remount training School near hempur and a short distance through the RTS, lies the Tumeria Dam. The structure in itself is a fun place to visit and educational for all, be it children or serious bird watchers. It is a rich attraction for migratory as well as domestic feathers.
Garjia temple and Dhangadi museum : En-route to Dhikala at about 03 Kms. from Corbett Wilds there is a huge rock perching out of the Kosi river bed and on the pinnacle is a beautiful temple of Durga Devi named as Garjia. A place good for bathing, basking, worship has an enchanting view of river Kosi from the top of the rock. This place has been named Garjia Devi after the deity. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees from different parts of the state. A large fair is held here on kartik Poornima.
Corbett museum and fall : Corbett’s home at Kaladungi, around 32 Kms from Ramnagar on Nainital Road, is now a museum which houses memorabilia of the legendry hunter.
En-route to Kaladungi are Corbett Falls, which is an ideal place for day picnics.Today this unique home is a comprehensive museum housing souvenirs, relics, mementos related to Jim Corbett.
Amble across to the river Kosi.
Choose to have an escort and a packed picnic lunch to have by the riverside, or anywhere in the Corbett Country.

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