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Dhikala Tourism Zone: Dhikala is located at border of extensive Patil Dun valley from where Ramganga flows in numerous channels is most sough tourist destination in Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala complex is situated approximately at distance of 35 km from Dhangarhi Gate, promise real experience of wilderness, also offers outstanding view of valley from Kanda.

Garjia Temple: Garjia Devi Temple is situated at an approximate distance of 14 km from Ramnagar city enroute Ranikhet. A Temple is actually a huge rock that is placed amidst river Kosi, which has been named as Garjia Devi after deity Durga. Devotees reach temple after climbing several stairs. Temple attracts thousands of devotees from across the globe. Newlywed Couple who visit Corbett must seek blessings of Goddess.

Sitabani aka Corbett Landscape/ Bhandarpani Forest: Sitabani is hard wood forest (not part of Corbett Tiger Reserve), located at an approximate distance of 10 km from Ramnagar. Sitabani is haven for bird watchers , also inhabit good number of wildlife including barking deer, tigers, leopard, wild boars, elephant and king cobra. Sitabani also has historic importance too; associated with epic Ramayana, it is said that Sitabani is same place where Goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama) spent her days of expulsion. Declared as buffer zone by administration can be visited through Jeep.

Corbett Water Fall: Situated at an approximate distance of 25 km from Ramnagar City. The waterfall is snuggled amidst green foliage and cascades down into a small lagoon like pool. It is a best picnic spot for groups visiting Corbett National Park.

Dhangarhi Museum: Dhangarhi gate is situated 20 km from Ramnagar railway station. The museum has been set up at main entry gate of the park is like an introduction to Jim Corbett National Park. The museum depicts the maximum information about the land topography and wildlife species in park.

Kosi River: Kosi flows parallel to Corbett National Park and forms eastern boundary of Park. Though the river does not enter National Park boundary but wild animals from Corbett come to river banks for drinking water especially during pinch period. The river is inhabited by Masheer and attracts many species of migratory birds. It is a great place for young travelers, sitting at the banks of river in evening, have a sip of fresh water and read your favorite book.

Bijrani Tourism Zone: :Bijrani is premium zone, known for its exotic flora-fauna and amazing vegetation. Bijrani is one of highest wildlife populated Tiger Reserve Area of Corbett National Park with entry from Amdanda Gate near Ramnagar. Healthy population of wildlife, open grasslands, deep & dense forest with stormy drains are some of major attractions of Bijrani zone.

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