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Sultan Forest Rest House is one of the five forest rest houses in the Dhikala zone. Since it is one of the first rest houses in this zone it becomes a favorite stay option for wildlife seekers. On entering Dhikala when you head forward from Dhangarhi gate, you will see Sultan Forest Rest House. Covered with picturesque landscapes all around, this guest house offers visitors a serene place to stay. The existence of this zone is so natural that it is named after the seasonal stream running through that area known as Sultan sot. The forest area in this zone is consistent with the sal trees that cover Jim Corbett National Park.

However, before you plan your stay at Sultan Forest Rest Housethere are a few things you should know you should know beforehand. The functioning of the Sultan FRH has preserved all the natural aspects of nature’s touch. Therefore before heading to this Sultan FRH, you should know that it is in the middle of the Dhikala zone forest. There is no electricity here and the FRH runs on a direct connection (DC) generated by solar energy. It is therefore advisable for you to carry an extra power bank. There are restrictions on non-vegetarian food also, though eggs are allowed.

How To Reach?

Not just that, the availability of rich conveyance options makes Sultan Forest Rest House an absolute favorite among tourists. The nearest airport to Dhikala is Pantnagar which is 75 km from the rest house. The nearest major railway station is located in Ramnagar, around 1.2 km from the rest house. Also, regular buses function between all the major cities and Ramnagar. To reach Sultan Forest Rest House, one has to enter the Corbett National Park via Dhangarhi gate.

How to Book?

Sultan Forest Rest House is open year-round which is why it is an absolute favorite amongst tourists and wildlife lovers. Anyone who likes being close to nature visits Sultan FRH frequently. This FRH needs to be booked online with 45 days advance notice. Tourists have the option of arranging their tour according to their convenience as they don’t have to cater to functionality issues. However, during the rush season, you may find booking difficult. Therefore it is always advisable to go in for advance bookings.

Sultan Forest Rest House resides inside Dhikala Zone so it’ opening and closing timings are depend on Dhikala Zone. Generally, it opens every year 15th of November and closes 15th of June.


Sultan Forest Rest House has two rooms and a drawing room. Both rooms have attached washrooms. The bathrooms and rooms are of adequate size and clean. Additionally, the rooms are provided with twin beds along with the option of an extra bed which is available for any third person.  The entire campus of the Sultan Forest Rest House is covered by solar fencing to provide safety against wild animals. Forest officers have been deployed around the campus in case of emergency.

Water will be available 24/7 in the Sultan Forest Rest HouseHot water will also be available through a solar water heating system. There is also solar-generated electric light but no luxuries like the air-conditioner or television. But this won’t be a problem as the beauty of the Dhikala zone is so immersive, that you won’t think of these amenities.


Unlike other FRHs, Sultan Forest Rest House doesn’t have a canteen or restaurant facilities. The forest department provides you with a cook. You are required to carry your personal ration and hand it over to the assigned cook. The ration should be sufficient for you, the assigned cook, your gypsy driver, and your guide. This would be 4 people in total. Be sure that the ration you carry should be sufficient for the number of days you are visiting. Freshly cooked dinner is served at 7 PM.

Things to Do

Being the first  FRH of the Dhikala zone makes Sultan Forest Rest House the inception of the journey into a wonderful flora and fauna. You get to experience the morning safari at 5:45 am in the morning. You get to experience and stay in the wilderness for 2 to 3 hours.

Sultan Forest Rest House offers you a superb view of rare species of animals like jungle cats, fishing cats, and leopard cats. Other popular mammals that tourists can sight include deers of the following kinds namely, barking, sambar, hog, and chital, besides, Sloth and Himalayan Black Bears, Indian Grey Mongoose, otters, yellow-throated martens, Ghoral (goat-antelopes), Indian pangolins, and langur and rhesus monkeys. One could also hear the sound of Owls and Nightjars during the night. During the summer seasons, elephants can be seen in herds of several hundred. The Indian python found in the reserve is a dangerous species, skilled enough to kill a chital deer.

Rooms Details At Sultan Forest Rest House

Double Bedroom Attached Washrooms All Amenties Price From

Facilities At Sultan Forest Rest House

  •  Kitchen Facility
  •  Solar Wire Fencing
  •  Running Water Facility
  •  Western Toilet
  •  Solar Panels / Invertors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is Sultan Forest Rest House safe?

A) Sultan FRH is absolutely safe, so much so that it was recently covered with solar wire fencing.

Q) Is there a mobile signal and internet available?

A) Mobile phone network is available when you use your phone just outside the bigger room/dining room entrance at the FRH.

Q) When is the right time to visit the Sultan FRH?

A) Preferably winters are the right time to visit as summers are difficult to survive in open gypsies. Park opens from November to June only.